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List of accounts suspended by


This is a list of Mastodon/GNU Social accounts blocked by If you think an account has been unfairly blocked, please contact us at

The purpose of this list is to be transparent towards our users, and to collaborate with other admins on identifying those accounts that violate the Code of Conduct, or those that tend to be bad actors, and who boost unwanted content into other instances

Blocked instances

Account Status¹ Reason Promotion of military organisations [1]


¹ Silenced 🔇 vs suspended ⛔: Silenced instances don’t appear in the Federated timeline, but their accounts can still be seen, e.g. by searching for them, by interacting with them in conversations, or by following them.

² “Free speech zone”: A place where it’s okay to promote e.g. National Socialism because the argument is that open discussion is more important than people’s sensitivities or the denazification laws of Germany/France/etc.

³ “lolicon”: sexualized depictions of children

[number]: See Reference

Notes on our instance

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